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Founded in Seattle, USA in 1983, Assata products and treatments are result oriented and provide targeted solutions for skin concerns ranging from sensitive skin, acne, aging and pigmentation.

Assata uses only the purest extracts and ensures the most precise concentration required to deliver maximum efficacy. You may even begin to observe the product’s efficacy taking place within minutes with no side effects.


Assata’s philosophy is simple. Our passion is to transform our customers into someone more beautiful within the shortest time possible.

Assata endeavors to make our customer’s complexion cleaner, one with natural radiance, employing the safest way possible.

We make every effort to deliver only the best to our customers with no compromise. We strive to be their “ultimate beauty confidence creator”.

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Assata products are a face saver! It worked faster than past products I've used.

Katherine T.

Their facial was very good. I didn’t experience any pain during pimple extraction!

Farah A.

My skin became clearer after using Assata’s products for blackheads and acne scars!

Sara M.

So happy with the results! Their facial and products really helped my sensitive skin.

Mei Li


Our Best Sellers

Cleansing Milk

Everyone can find a cleanser that’s just right for their skin type with our Cleansing Milk Cleanser. Keeps our skin dewy all day long while increasing skin softness and smoothness.

Rose Stem Cell Ampoule

Infused with precious rose stem cells, this extraordinary ampoule helps restore the skin barrier function by enhancing the good balance between water and lipids in the skin epidermis.

Barrier Repair Matrix

An oil-free emulsion infused with stem cells for sensitive skin. Our award winning moisturizer is an all-in-one solution that repairs skin damage, skin redness and skin sensitivity.

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Chemical Free


At Assata, we excel in transforming ordinary into extra-ordinary. Simple ingredients are transformed into products which yield outstanding results.

We are quick to employ newer and proven options whenever such ingredients are made available. Only the safest and most natural botanical and herbal extracts are used in our products.

Our products are safely made without the following.

  • No SLS
  • No AHA
  • No Silicone
  • No Lanolin
  • No Paraben
  • No Sulphur
  • No S.D Alcohol
  • No Synthetic Fragrance
  • No Artificial Colouring
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For Every Skin


Our Outlets & Services

Our Flagship Outlets

Our outlets are undergoing a facelift! Be on the lookout for our revamped outlets for a brand new experience.

Our Professional Treatments

We have a variety of facial treatments using only the very best products to suit each and every skin type and condition. Achieving maximum results without using any harmful chemicals on your skin.

Our Expert Beauticians

Speak with our experienced beauticians for a skin diagnosis and a personalized treatment for your skin today.